Abya Yala Fund for Indigenous Self-Development in South & Meso America

Abya Yala Fund supports
indigenous self-development

Indigenous self-development is distinct from typical development schemes in that it places the values of community cooperation, equitable sharing of benefits, local autonomy and harmony with the natural world at the core of all community improvement efforts.
  • The Environment — biodiversity; natural resource management; cultural, spiritual and ecological survival
  • Organizational Development — education and training for autonomy; communications technology; project management
  • Models of Alternative Indigenous Development — education about and support of sustainable and egalitarian development models that address economic, social and political realities

The follow two projects typify indigenous self-development initiatives.

Amazanga Institute of Indigenous Science and Technology, Pastaza, Ecuador

Abya Yala Fund requested and received a $30,000 grant from Public Welfare Foundation in Washington D.C.; half for AYF general support and half for Amazanga Institute. A grant from Share our Strength, will enable us to provide an additional $14,500 to Amazanga Institute. This scientific research center, initiated by the Organization of the Indigenous Peoples of Pastaza, resists oil companies' attempts to gain access to indigenous resources and land by documenting the importance of protecting these ecosystems and indigenous livelihoods. The Amazanga Institute catalogues and researches the biodiversity of the Ecuadorian rainforest and develops sustainable development practices using traditional indigenous methods and knowledge.  ( Info about volunteering opportunities )

Binational Oaxacan Indigenous Alliance - Fresno, CA

Abya Yala Fund provided technical support in proposal writing and resource development in preparation for FIOB's all-day forum (5/11/96) for primarily Oaxacan Indigenous women on domestic violence, alcoholism, AIDS and community-building. The forum was held near Fresno, CA, where there are dense settlements of Mixteco, Zapotec and Tr'qui people from Oaxaca. In March 1996, Abya Yala Fund obtained a grant of $960 from the Resist Foundation for this project. Abya Yala Fund made an additional grant of $600 which ensured the success of the project.

Other AYF-funded projects

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Abya Yala Fund has been honored to participate in and speak at many forums, meetings and seminars to present the perspective of Indigenous Peoples. The events include:

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