Abya Yala Fund

For Indigenous Self-Development in South & Meso America

Guide for preparing letters of inquiry for community development projects



State the name of the applicant organization.


Name of the project for which you seek funds.

Place and time frame in which the project is to be carried out.

Amount requested from Abya Yala Fund. If project is ongoing, state amount requested for eachy year (not more than three years).

Give a brief description of the project. From reading your description, we should learn what your project is and by what method you intend to carry it our. your description need not embody the many details involved in executing the project.

In what way or ways would your project benefit people in your area?

Who are the key participants who will lead this project? What are their qualifications? You may attach separate biographies or resumes.

If the project includes training, how many individuals do you plan to train? Approximately how long will the trainings last, in days, weeks or months?


What is the project budget: If you have a budget already prepared, please attach it. Otherwise, please supply total expense broken down into categories that portray the significant expenses.


Name of Organization:


Contact Person:

Title: Telephone:

Fax: E-mail:

Address (if different from above):

Brief description of your organization (history and mission) and the date of incorporation:

What is the size of your organization as indicated by total annual budget?

Do you have tax exempt status in your country?

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You can e-mail your letter of inquiry to Abya Yala Fund or send it to the address below.

Abya Yala Fund
1714 Franklin St., Suite 311
Oakland, CA 94612 USA
Phone (510) 763-6553
Fax (510) 763-6588
E-mail: abyayala@earthlink.net

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