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Abya Yala Fund Newsletter
Spring 1999


Photo of Co-Director Victoria Garcia Ajucum The staff at Abya Yala Fund is thrilled to introduce Victoria García Ajucum as our new Co-Director. We are inspired by the background and experience she brings to the AYF. Victoria is Maya-K'iché from Totonicapán, Guatemala. She holds a degree in Pedagogy and Education from the University of San Carlos in Guatemala, and one in Sociology from the University of Louisville. Victoria is trilingual and she was a teacher and principal of a Bilingual K'iché-Spanish elementary school in Totonicapán, and has experience training rural elementary school teachers. Victoria supervised a project of the Canadian Center for Studies and International Cooperation in Huehuetenango, Guatemala. As Co-Director of AYF, Victoria will be in charge of strengthening the ties with Indigenous people in South and Meso America as well as participating in resource development. Victoria was sponsored by the Mills College Womenıs Leadership Institute, which sponsors women community leaders from all over the world. Victoria is one of six sisters and is an avid handicraft artist. We are very glad to have her as a valuable addition to our staff.

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